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Transform Leftover Ingredients Into Delicious Meals

Use our website to create exciting new recipes with leftover ingredients.

Select one of the most wasted ingredients below to find the perfect recipe.

We are working with our friends at LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE to help you.

Homepride, Sharwood's and Loyd Grossman are working together to help you to reduce your food waste by making these delicious meals out of your leftovers

According to WRAP, a major climate action organisation, the UK throws away 4.5 million tonnes of food waste every year!

WRAP has calculated that this means...

Our website has been created to inspire you to help you reduce your food waste with recipe ideas and food hacks.

If you want more information click through to WRAP’s report here*

food- surplus-and- waste-in-the- uk-key-facts-oct-21.pdf (wrap.org.uk)

Inspire Me

Our sauces can be used in more ways than you think and are perfect to help you use up those leftover veggies or meat to avoid throwing it out. Here are some ideas to get you thinking out the box.

Sharwood’s Sweet & Sour Meat Glaze

Sharwood’s Sweet & Sour Meat Glaze

Make up some chicken & vegetable kebabs on skewers and place in an oven dish then generously coat with Sharwood's Sweet & Sour Sauce for an exciting twist to popular summer dish. Or if chicken is not your thing, why not try with Halloumi instead.

Homepride Chilli Stuffed Peppers

Homepride Chilli Stuffed Peppers

Cook up a simple chilli according to the Homepride Chilli Sauce on-pack instructions. Once cooked mix in some rice, micro rice is fine. Then stuff your peppers with the mixture, top with cheese and bake.

Sharwood’s Chicken Korma Traybake

Sharwood’s Chicken Korma Traybake

Why not use our Sharwood's Korma Sauce to create a delicious chicken traybake for an exciting yet simple family meal. Cook chicken breast and any spare vegetables in an oven dish, then add Sharwood's Korma Sauce for the last 10 minutes of cooking.

Sharwood’s Chinese Style Dirty Fries

Sharwood’s Chinese Style Dirty Fries

Cook a generous amount of your favourite oven fries. Warm up the Sharwood's Chinese Curry sauce in a pan and pour over the cooked chips. Top with chopped spring onions and you have deliciously tangy Chinese style dirty fries.

Loyd Grossman Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Loyd Grossman Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Mix any leftover cream cheese with some Loyd Grossman Tomato & Roasted Garlic Sauce and spoon into any large mushrooms. Then top with some homemade breadcrumbs made from bread past it's best. Bake for a delicious side dish or light meal.

Sharwood’s Chicken Tikka Pizza

Sharwood’s Chicken Tikka Pizza

Instead of using a plain tomato base, why not swap tomato for tikka for an indian inspired pizza. Just spread the tikka sauce across the pizza base and top with cheese and cooked chicken before baking in the oven. If you don't have any pizza bases then pitta breads work just as well.

Loyd Grossman Chicken Parmesan

Loyd Grossman Chicken Parmesan

Place some breaded chicken in a baking dish, cook until almost done, then top with sauce, mozzarella and parmesan and pop back in the oven until golden and bubbly. (Cheddar will work just fine too!)

Sharwood’s Butter Chicken Parcels

Sharwood’s Butter Chicken Parcels

Cook your butter chicken according to the Sharwood's Butter Chicken Sauce on-pack instructions. Then roll out a sheet of pre-made shortcrust pastry and cut into even rectangles. Place the butter chicken in the centre and fold over the pastry, pinching the edges and oven bake.

Homepride Salmon & Broccoli Pasta Bake

Homepride Salmon & Broccoli Pasta Bake

Jazz up your favourite Homepride Pasta Bake by adding some Salmon and Broccoli (or whatever veg is handy). Just add the salmon and broccoli to the dish before you start cooking for a nutritious family meal. Also works with chicken if you have some to use up.

Food Waste Hacks

Tips on how to reduce and reuse to get the best life out of our products

Lower Your Fridge Temperature

Make sure your fridge temperature is set to between 2 and 5 degrees. Your food will stay fresh for longer. You can use a fridge thermometer to check this. Why not try out Love Food Hate Waste’s cool website for more information.

Meal Plans

By planning your meals for each day of the week in advance, you can organise all the ingredients you'll need for each meal. This saves you from over buying in quantity as well as saving you money.

Shake Up A Jar Vinaigrette

Having trouble scraping everything out of the jar? Shake up your leftovers to create a vinaigrette for your salads. Just add some olive oil, red wine vinegar or apple cider along with some herbs and spices to taste.

Storing Vegetables

You can increase life longevity of food through how you keep them. Potatoes can last up to 3 times longer when kept in the fridge and you can revive floppy carrots by cutting off the ends and placing in freezing cold water. If you only use half an onion, you can slice and freeze the rest for another day. Love Food Hate Waste's website is a great resource with a host of ideas and storage tips.

Create Your Own Vegetable Stock

Save any onion skins, roots, wilted greens, floppy vegetables (like carrots and celery). You can freeze these for up to 6 months to keep until you need them. Place into a pot and add water, a few bay leaves, salt and pepper. Boil to a simmer for at least 30 minutes. Strain the water and voila!

Clear-The-Fridge Casseroles

A delicious casserole or stew is the easiest (and tastiest) way to use up any leftover meats or veg left in the fridge. Just toss them all in a pot with some stock and a can of tomatoes and cook on the hob or in the oven. Put together with some grains or pulses and enjoy!

Freeze Leftover Sauces

Remember, once a jar of sauce is opened, it can be stored in the fridge for three days. Only use half a jar of sauce? Instead of throwing it out, place the remainder of the sauce into small containers or even ice cube trays, place them in your freezer, then use when you require it.

Best Before VS. Use By Dates

The best before date is about the quality of the food. The use by date is about safety. You should not eat food past its use by date, but you can eat food past its best before date if it looks, smells and tastes fine.

Turn Everything Into Pesto

The tastiest way to use up leftover greens is by creating a delicious pesto! You can use any wilting leaves from rocket to spinach, herb stalks and even the green tops to carrots and beets. Put them all in the food processor with some olive oil, nuts and seasonings of your choice and use immediately.